Dr. Leanne’s Story in Alpharetta GA

Dr. Leanne's Story in Alpharetta GA

Chiropractor Alpharetta GA Leanne Tew

I haven't always been under Chiropractic care in Alpharetta GA, although, I wish I was. My first specific chiropractic adjustment was given to me in my early twenties. This was after years of suffering in my health.

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When I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with severe asthma. And since then, most of my memories include a constant anxiety about a possible upcoming asthma attacks. I used an inhaler daily. I used a nebulizer weekly. I was hospitalized frequently. I was given medications that I was allergic to. I was given asthma medications that had a side effect of asthma-related death. Aside from my horrific respiratory struggles, I also suffered greatly from allergies, frequent ear infections and sleeping problems.

And then came Chiropractic. Something so simple and it changed my life forever. No more medications. Improved breathing. No more allergies. No more ear infections. And, sleeping like a baby.

You see, your body was meant to thrive in health. You weren't meant to suffer. What Chiropractors do, is they detect spinal misalignments that interfere with normal brain to body communication. These misalignments can cause pain, but also will cause the body to become symptomatic and malfunction. Simple specific adjustments reconnect the communication between brain and body. The adjustments turn the LIFE back on in your body.

As my life changed, my passion to change more lives grew. And, this became my mission. To change lives in my community. Give hope to the hopeless and bring life back to the suffering.

Please, call my office and see how Chiropractic can be a life-changer for you as well. I'd love to help. (770) 864-1195


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